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Butyrfentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic that is many times more potent than morphine. It is commonly used as a recreational drug due to its high potency and potential for abuse. This document aims to provide an overview of the history, composition, effects, and risks associated with butyrfentanyl use.


Butyrfentanyl was first synthesized in the 1960s by Janssen Pharmaceutica, a pharmaceutical company in Belgium. Initially, it was developed as a pain medication for severe and chronic pain. However, due to its potency and potential for misuse, its clinical use has been limited.


Butyrfentanyl is a highly controlled substance due to its potential for abuse and addiction. It is a synthetic opioid drug that is similar to fentanyl but with a shorter duration of action. The primary component of butyrfentanyl is butyryl, which is derived from morphine.


When ingested or inhaled, they produces a wide range of effects, including euphoria, relaxation, drowsiness, and impaired cognitive function. It binds to opioid receptors in the brain and body, activating the pleasure and reward centers, leading to a strong desire to repeat the experience. However, it is important to note that butyrfentanyl’s effects are much stronger than those of other opioids, making it highly addictive and potentially deadly.

Risks and Side Effects

The risks associated with butyrfentanyl use are substantial. It can cause respiratory depression, sedation, and respiratory arrest, leading to death in high doses. Additionally, butyrfentanyl use can lead to tolerance, addiction, and severe withdrawal symptoms when discontinued. Other potential side effects include constipation, nausea, vomiting, and changes in heart rate and blood pressure.

Legal Status

It is illegal in most countries due to its high potential for abuse and addiction. It is considered a Schedule II controlled substance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Possession, distribution, and manufacture without a proper license is illegal and can lead to severe legal consequences.


Butyrfentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic that has gained attention due to its high potency and potential for abuse. Its effects can be highly addictive and dangerous, leading to severe consequences. It is essential to raise awareness about the risks associated with butyrfentanyl use and to support efforts to regulate and discourage its abuse.

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