Wocklean Purple Pint


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Wocklean Purple Pint

Wocklean Purple Pint is a craft beer infused with CBD oil. It is brewed using high-quality ingredients and has a unique taste that combines the bitterness of hops with the calming effects of CBD. This refreshing drink is perfect for those looking for a non-alcoholic alternative that still offers the benefits of CBD.

Brewing Process

The Wocklean Purple Pint brewing process involves the following steps:

1. Mashing: The grains are crushed and mixed with hot water to release the sugars.

2. Lautering: The liquid, known as wort, is separated from the grains using a process called lautering.

3. Fermentation: The wort is cooled and yeast is added to initiate fermentation. The yeast converts the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

4. Aging: After fermentation is complete, the beer is aged to allow the flavors to mature and meld together.

5. Bottling: The beer is filtered and bottled, ready for consumption.

Tasting Notes

Wocklean Purple Pint has a rich, deep purple hue and a creamy head when poured. The aroma is inviting, with hints of hops and a touch of sweetness. The taste is balanced and complex, with hints of chocolate, coffee, and floral notes. The bitterness of the hops is complemented by the smooth, calming effects of CBD.


It offers several benefits to consumers, including:

– Relaxation: The combination of CBD and hops creates a soothing and relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

– Pain Relief: CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, making it an ideal alternative for those suffering from arthritis or other chronic pain conditions.

– Improved Mood: CBD has been shown to improve mood and reduce anxiety, making it a great choice for those struggling with stress and anxiety.

– Reduced Hangover Symptoms: The non-alcoholic nature of Wocklean Purple Pint makes it a safer option for those who enjoy the occasional craft beer but want to avoid the negative effects that come with excessive alcohol consumption.


Wocklean Purple Pint is a unique and refreshing craft beer that combines the flavors of hops and CBD. It offers a range of benefits, including relaxation, pain relief, and improved mood. Whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option or want to add a touch of wellness to your drinking experience, that is the perfect choice.

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