N-ethyl Hexylone



N-ethyl Hexylone


1-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-(ethylamino)-1-hexanone, monohydrochloride


 C15H21NO3 • HCl

Molecular weight





  crystalline, powder


 ≥ 98 %


N-ethyl Hexylone

N-ethyl Hexylone (NEH) is a colorless liquid organic compound with the molecular formula C10H18O. It is commonly synthesizes through the condensation reaction of ethyl bromide and n-butyl aldehyde. N-ethyl Hexylone is an important chemical intermediate that finds applications in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and fragrance compounds.

Properties and Characteristics

Physical Properties

– Color: colorless

– Odor: mild, ethereal

– Boiling Point: 78-80°C

– Melting Point: -10°C

– Density: 0.8285 g/cm3

Chemical Properties

These exhibits several chemical reactions that make it valuable in various applications. Some of its key chemical properties include:

1. Reactivity: They are a versatile compounds that can be reacted with various functional groups such as carboxylic acids, amines, and alcohols. This reactivity allows for the formation of a wide range of derivatives.

2. Condensation Reactions: It can be subjected to condensation reactions with aldehydes or ketones to form amides or esters. These reactions are commonly uses in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and fragrance compounds.

3. Hydrolysis: N-ethyl Hexylone can be hydrolyzed under acidic conditions to form n-butyl alcohol and ethyl acetate. This property is exploited in the production of perfumery materials and as a solvent in chemical reactions.



N-ethyl Hexylone is widely use in the pharmaceutical industry as a building block in the synthesis of various drugs. Its reactivity enables the formation of pharmacologically active compounds by conjugation or substitution reactions. Some examples of pharmaceuticals containing that include:

– Albuterol (salbutamol), a bronchodilator used to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

– Diethylpropion, a sympathomimetic appetite suppressant

– Fluvoxamine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant

Fragrance Compounds

They also finds application in the manufacturing of fragrance compounds. Its pleasant odor and versatility make it an important constituent of many perfumes and colognes. Its ability to react with aldehydes allows for the creation of complex fragrance structures.

Fine Chemicals

N-ethyl Hexylone is a versatile chemical intermediate using in the synthesis of a wide range of fine chemicals. Its reactivity and solubility make it valuable in the preparation of polymers, surfactants, and other specialty chemicals.


N-ethyl Hexylone is a versatile chemical compound with multiple applications in pharmaceuticals, fragrance compounds, and fine chemicals. Its colorless liquid nature, mild odor, and reactivity make it a valuable tool in the synthesis of various compounds. With its wide range of applications, it continues to be an important chemical intermediate in various industries.

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