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3-CEC stands for 3-Carbonyl Cyclohexanol. It is a chemical compound that belongs to the group of carbonyl compounds. The formula of 3-CEC is C8H7OCHO. It is a colorless liquid with a sweet odor. It is a derivative of cyclohexanol and is characterized by the presence of three carbonyl groups in its molecular structure.

Structure and Properties

The structure of 3-CEC consists of a cyclohexane ring with three carbonyl groups attached. The carbonyl groups are located on the carbon atoms at positions 2, 3, and 4 of the ring. The presence of carbonyl groups makes 3-CEC reactive and gives it characteristic properties.


The synthesis of that involves the reaction of cyclohexanol with carbon monoxide in the presence of a catalyst. The reaction occurs through a cycloaddition process, resulting in the formation ofthat. The specific catalyst used depends on the desired reaction conditions.


3-CEC finds various applications in various industries. One of the main applications of 3-CEC is in the production of fragrances and flavors. It has a sweet odor and is commonly using as a flavoring agent in food products and personal care products.

They also finds use in the production of perfumes, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Its sweet odor and fragrance make it an ideal candidate for these applications.

Furthermore, they finds application in the textile and leather industry. It is uses as a solvent and stabilizer for various textile and leather products.

Safety and Handling

3-CEC is a flammable liquid and should be kept away from heat and open flames. Exposure of the liquid to the skin or eyes should be avoiding, and appropriate personal protective equipment should be using when handling it.


3-CEC is a versatile chemical compound with a variety of applications. Its structure, synthesis, and properties make it a valuable compound in various industries. However, proper handling and safety precautions should be following when working with it to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

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